Action Tech's Method

Some see safety training as just teaching the rules. This simplistic approach, along with the logistical issues of training, has led some to consider online safety training options. However, on-line training often misses vital site-specific issues and fails to incorporate a workplace’s values.

Live presentations with a group of peers sharing their con­cerns and experiences remains the most powerful way to teach safe procedures.

Action Tech offers qualified trainers who design give-and-take live programs around the specific work being performed, including the goals and culture of the organization.

Why Action Tech


any setting, any time


nearly a decade in safety training


up-to-date on standards and training

Excellent value

high-impact programs at competitive rates

Why Safety Training


Ideally safety training should be pro-active in addressing issues before an accident occurs. Sometimes safety training comes in after the chaos of an accident has cleared.

There is a science in how Action Tech creates high-impact safety training programs.

Action Tech’s trainers’ provide clients with the latest safety conscious solutions with a goal of teaching how a safer workplace is more productive.

Competence and integrity is woven into every program that Action Tech delivers.

Action Tech encourages employees to place integrity and responsibility within their core values leaving employees motivated and engaged in working safely.

Action Tech’s proven and useful safety training programs

Action Tech has OSHA-authorized outreach trainers who are members of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Action Tech is also an American Red Cross Authorized Provider.

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