UltraSound Leak Detection

Revolutionizing Leak Detection – with DISTRAN Ultrasound Camera

Action Technology as a U.S. Authorized Distributer of the DISTRAN Ultrasound Camera can support clients with leak detection.

The risks of explosion, property damage, injuries, loss of life, legal claims, and loss of productivity are high with any system that is not monitored and tested consistently. Using the most advanced equipment for leak detection has never been more important.

Locating leaks is crucial to safeguard the safety of the workers, to minimize the impact on the environment, to increase the efficiency of the processes. And it also is a major challenge – there are miles of pipes, thousands of elements to check. Common leak detectors are slow and they are expensive to use.

Leaks generate ultrasounds that cannot be heard by humans. Our device hears these specific ultrasounds during normal plant operation, while ignoring other background sounds and machinery noise.

It pinpoints leaks of any gas including Vacuum leaks in real time Leaks are located from a safe distance of up to 50 yards. They are displayed as colorful spots on the camera display.

The ultrasound camera is suited to inspect industrial pressurized systems, in power generation, oil & gas, chemical plants, shipyards, military installations, and for many other industries.

Our expertise includes either performing walkthroughs, inspections, reporting, and truly understanding marketplace demand or Action Technology can offer sales from our available inventory of the Distran product which includes shortening the distribution channel, extensive training, and support.

Bottom-line, we have the internal resources to function alongside your operations, maintenance, and safety teams to perform above expectations.

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